Unintended Consequences

      It appears that the Arkansas Legislature, probably unintentionally, has legalized the open carrying of handguns in Arkansas, as long as you travel outside the county. This was done by defining a "journey" as any "travel beyond the county in which a person lives". Under prior common law, a journey required that you be outside of your normal daily business. Under the law, as currently written and taking effect July 1, 2013, it is legally permitted to openly carry a handgun so long as you travel outside the county. All that said, I have a feeling you may still be arrested for it, and it will be up to the Arkansas Supreme Court to determine how this law is applied. 

      It is clear that this was not the intent of the Arkansas Legislature. This bill was passed AFTER a bill that explicitly provided for the open carry of handguns was defeated. Regardless of one's opinion on open carry or the law as passed, it is unacceptable that the State Legislature is creating laws that they don't intend.